Development and production of fat-and-oil raw materials for food production

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The Predo company is engaged in the production and sale of fat-and-oil raw materials for food production

Own production

We produce fat-and-oil and dry dairy products at our own enterprise which is located in Zheleznogorsk and is one of the largest enterprises of the industry in the Kursk region.

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01. Willingness to experiment

We are not afraid to experiment and introduce new approaches in working with products and technologies. We will find a solution to improve the quality of the product, reduce its cost or increase productivity.

02. Flexibility and courage

We are ready for non-standard conditions: we create recipes for the needs of customers, conduct experiments on their production and quickly do “work on mistakes". We invest in promising projects and new production facilities, constantly expanding the range of our products. We can simultaneously work on several such projects, flexibly allocating resources by priority.

03. Proactivity

We constantly monitor the market and products that are relevant to it. Analyzing and connecting new resources, we expand and occupy new product niches, developing products that are in demand at the moment. Thus, when people come to us for the production of products that are relevant on the market, we already have ready-made samples that have the necessary documents and are ready for production.

04. The speed of decision-making

In solving issues, we are always ready for non-standard formats and search for mutually profitable compromises. Predo strives to keep bureaucracy to a minimum and be as transparent as possible, especially if it concerns our clients. We are constantly working to improve the efficiency of production programs and business processes. We use our own CRM system and a customized ERP system to automate work on routine processes, standard procedures and proven cases. Thanks to this, we focus more on new and important tasks.

Our mission

To create and produce high-quality fat-and-oil raw materials for food production in Russia and abroad

Our mission

To create and produce high-quality fat-and-oil raw materials for food production in Russia and abroad

Production control

We control the quality of products at every stage

Entrance control

Before entering the warehouse, raw materials undergo entrance control, including a wide list of laboratory tests. Additionally, a system for evaluating and ranking suppliers has been introduced.

Technological and laboratory control

Advanced sanitary program of the enterprise using foam washing equipment and SIP technologies.
These systems are implemented in the production and work on an ongoing basis.

Control at the storage stage

After production, we strictly monitor the conditions in which the products are stored. In our storage systems, the necessary temperature regime is maintained and all sanitary conditions are observed.

Checking during shipment

When shipping to the buyer, delivery control is also carried out to prevent the sale of substandard products.

Control during transportation

Our fleet has transport that meets all sanitary standards
and is able to maintain a temperature regime during the transportation of products. Also, our transport meets all the safety requirements that are imposed for the transportation of food products.

Our products

Predo offers and provides services to customers in various areas related to the production of dairy products

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